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Precision mechanical manufacturing

Precision mechanical manufacturing

Our company performs the following precision mechanical manufacturing:

Milling for third party

The milling for third party is one of the strong points of our company.
Thanks to a leading fleet of machinery equipped with five CNC milling machines NU.MEC. can provide works that respect minimum tolerances.
The milling machines in our company allow us to produce complex parts guaranteeing high quality results.
Thanks to the logistic organization and the production flexibility we can provide lots of any size from a large number of pieces milled in series and create prototypes and single pieces.
We can mill different materials including iron, aluminum, bronze, brass, stainless steel and compound materials.


Turning is the operation of cutting away so called shavings from a piece while it is rotating.
CNC lathes are the state of the art of turning technologies, thanks to these machine tools the manufacturing and all the turnings’ parameter are entirely run by a computer that applies automatism.
CNC turnings is one of the technologies that represent the Core-Business of our company, 15 years of experience in the industry of CNC turning manufacturing allow us to offer competitive services and high quality products.
Thanks to our high qualified staff and a steady investment in technologies and equipment we can work with a wide range of materials to meet even particular requirements with high quality levels.


Coatings, both thermal and chemical, such as anodizing, galvanization, chromium- and nickel-plating, hardening, tempering and painting are finishing touches that give a semi-finished product particular physical characteristics.
Thanks to the cooperation with experts, NU.MEC. can manage the coatings of milled-products, in this way we coordinate the semi-finished products order completely and we can give our customers a product ready to be installed.